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My name is Carlos Díaz and, together with a team of professional staff, we personalize the floors of your home the only possible way: in situ. My hands have been doing it formore than 25 years, not only in newly built houses but also in houses, whose floors need restoration to be able to shine like the first day.

We work the materials, that you choose, directly in the place where they will be put. There is a tendency to choose industrial work instead of handcrafted work. However, my experience and the final result prove the opposite to me every day.

We provide you the solutions that you need so that your stone, marble, wood,... shine like the first day | Know more

We explain our process to you

In Pulidos Carlos Diaz we want you to know about the process that we carry out, so that you will experience its advantages.

Pasos a seguir en nuestro proceso de trabajo


Marble pits are incredible and surprising places, they look like big theatres or scenographies. Let’s look for the raw material.

Pasos a seguir en nuestro proceso de trabajo


Once we have put the unique piece in its place, we give it a handcrafted essence that would not be possible if we would not do handcraft work.

Pasos a seguir en nuestro proceso de trabajo


One piece fits perfectly. A much more homogeneous and neat work. We have the necessary machinery to work IN SITU

especialistas | Pulidos Carlos Diaz

Stone, marble, terrazzo, concrete, hydraulic tile, micro-concrete and self-leveling concrete , rigid elements but at the same time very adaptable

especialistas | Pulidos Carlos Diaz

We help you personalize and choose the surfaces of your home by giving individualized advice.

More than 20 years adapting ourselves
to our surrounding naturally


pulidos · Pulidos carlos diaz

POLISHING · No water & no dust

We are specialised in polishing and glazing marble floors, which results from our technology and experience.

abujardados · Pulidos carlos diaz


A new way of looking at marble, which provides warmth and softness through an ageing process and a semi-bush hammering of the stone.

protector antimanchas · Pulidos carlos diaz


We create a protective layer which is indispensable for kitchen table-tops, bathrooms, floors and facades, which are exposed to organic dirt or graffitis.

hormigón pulido · Pulidos carlos diaz


The pavement system, based on the production of a concrete base which has the proper technical characteristics, is handcrafted and elaborated in-house..

restauraciones · Pulidos carlos diaz


During the recovery, restoration and polishing of old floors, archs, columns, etc. we find a broader variety of shapes and slabbing designs.

autonivelante · Pulidos carlos diaz


A new tendency in the area of design is the decorative self-leveling concrete, which allows for highly flat and continuous floors.

baldosas hidráulicas · Pulidos carlos diaz


Together with our professional staff we work hydraulic tiles & terrazzo; materials that have stayed over time and that get more adepts day by day because of its modern-classic combination.

asesoramiento mármol · Pulidos carlos diaz


We give you advice before you purchase marble pavements, so that we can answer any query or doubt you might have and, therefore, you are able to acquire the product that fits your needs.

servicios integrales · Pulidos carlos diaz


We have a network of professional staff that we trust who offer everything you need. Just tell us what you need and we will offer you the best guaranteed option.

presupuesto sin compromiso

Would you like to get personalized advice for your home?

Feel free to contact us and we will carry out the
project you always wanted. Non-binding quotation.

Valores en pulidos carlos diaz

25 years of experience in our pocket to provide the best service to our clients

Valores en pulidos carlos diaz

Personalized advice & design, to choose the best option for your home

Valores en pulidos carlos diaz

We work with natural materials treated in situ by an artisan polisher

C-MENT · Custom continuous liners

Seamless and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Applicable on floors, walls, stairs, ceilings, swimming pools and even furniture. Its versatility has led to it being more and more present in the reforms we carry out.

Complicated renovations are over. With C-MENT any combination and style is possible. We are looking forward to helping and advising you

c-ment · Revestimientos continuos personalizados

Encimeras | carlos diaz · pulidos

Restoration & protection · Kitchen table-tops

They are essential elements in every kitchen, since they are the surfaces where most of the work is done and, in general, do not receive much attention when it comes to the design.

In my case when I have to realize a project, after having met the client, I run an exhaustive analysis on each area of work, since not all of them require the same task and not all of them need the same material.

Ecork · Thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproof and durable

Due to its excellent properties as an acoustic and thermal insulator, sprayed cork can be used as a preliminary step to the application of different materials: tiles, paints, tiles, cement.

Definitive solutions can be obtained in terms of: humidity, acoustic insulation, slippery surface, ingnifugality, oxidation. It is also an aesthetic material capable of decorating any surface.

Ecork - corcho proyectado | carlos diaz · pulidos

Trabaja con nosotros · Pulidos Carlos Díaz

Work with us · CV

The family Pulidos Carlos Diaz never stops growing We believe in professionals who are committed, passionate, delivered and with as much head as

If you think your profile fits with our philosophy of life and work, we will be delighted to have you.

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